Mother recounts terrifying home invasion that started in her bedroom

MILWAUKEE — A woman in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has bravely shared the harrowing details of a home invasion and attempted sexual assault that occurred while her children were present. Prosecutors have charged 18-year-old Tijuan Watson with burglary and attempted first-degree sexual assault following the incident.

In an interview, the victim, who asked to remain anonymous, expressed her desire for Watson to face the full extent of the law. “I would like to see more charges being pressed on him,” she stated. “However way, whichever way I can possibly do it, I would like to see him literally buried in jail.”

According to the woman, she woke up on Friday morning around 6:45 a.m. to find an unknown man, later identified as Watson, looming over her bed with a gloved hand on her thigh. Her 4-month-old child was sleeping beside her. “I was pretty freaked out,” she said.

In a criminal complaint, the woman revealed that she pleaded with Watson not to assault her in front of her children, only to receive a vulgar response. “Shut up and open your (expletive) legs,” Watson allegedly told her. Prosecutors elaborated that the victim’s teenage daughter entered the room, leading Watson to flee, but not before leaving behind his phone.

Authorities discovered a video on Watson’s phone, which captured the break-in and showed the suspect engaging in sexual acts. The victim, shocked by the evidence, expressed her disbelief. “I’ve never seen this guy in my life for him to even feel comfortable to even come in my window. To even record himself like that,” she said. Milwaukee police were able to apprehend Watson across the street from the victim’s residence.

The survivor emphasized that her peace of mind had been stolen, and in her pursuit of justice, she urged others to remain vigilant. “Really take full precaution of what’s going on around you. Even if you think nobody is watching, there is always somebody in the area that is watching,” she cautioned. Watson is scheduled to appear in court for a preliminary hearing on Tuesday, December 5. The victim is resolved to attend every proceeding in her quest for justice.