Three-Year-Old Victim of Accidental Shooting

MERRILLVILLE, IN – A tragic incident unfolded in Northwestern Indiana when a three-year-old boy succumbed to a gunshot wound. The local police department is treating the case as an accidental shooting.

The incident occurred at a Merrillville residence around 6 p.m. on Monday. Upon arrival, police found paramedics already attending to the critically injured child. Despite their best efforts, the boy was pronounced dead at the hospital, as reported by Commander Matt Vasel.

During the preliminary investigation, a handgun was recovered from the scene. The weapon had been discharged once. Vasel indicated that while the shooting appears to be accidental, it is still uncertain whether the child himself or another individual fired the gun.

The family members at the scene have been fully cooperative with the ongoing investigation led by the Merrillville Police Department. Further details will emerge once the investigation concludes and the Lake County Prosecutor’s office reviews the findings.

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JACKSONVILLE, FL – The families of three African Americans who lost their lives in a racially charged shooting at a Dollar General store in northern Florida are pointing fingers at the national retail chain for its failure to ensure the safety of its patrons and staff.

The families, represented by a team of attorneys including renowned civil rights lawyers Benjamin Crump, Michael Haggard, and Adam Finkel, are holding the store’s operator, landlord, and security contractor accountable for their loved ones’ deaths. They argue that inadequate security measures resulted in the fatal shooting of Angela Carr, 52, Jerrald Gallion, 29, and A.J. Laguerre, 19, in August.

The legal team and grieving families gathered on Tuesday to call for an end to the rampant gun violence plaguing the country. “These families have been stripped of their loved ones. They stand here today to ensure this tragedy is not repeated,” stated Crump.

Ryan Palmeter, 21, the shooter, had previously attempted to gain access to another store and a historically Black college campus but was deterred by the presence of security personnel. He then targeted Dollar General, which is located in a predominantly Black neighborhood in Jacksonville.

Gallion was shopping, Laguerre was on duty, and Carr was waiting in her car in the parking lot when Palmeter arrived. 

Quantavious Laguerre, mourning his younger brother, expressed his frustration and grief. He emphasized that his brother would only have sought employment at Dollar General if he knew the potential risk. 

Angela Carr’s daughter, Armisha Payne, echoed these sentiments, stating that her mother’s family awaits answers.

Palmeter committed suicide at the scene, leaving behind a manifesto explaining his motive for targeting African Americans. His estate and parents are also named in the lawsuit.

Palmeter had a history of domestic violence and had been committed to a mental health evaluation in the past. He used a Glock handgun and an AR-15-style rifle in the attack.

Crump drew parallels between this incident and similar racially motivated shootings in Buffalo, New York, in 2022 and Charleston, South Carolina, in 2015.

Dollar General’s corporate offices have yet to respond to requests for comment.