High School Student Killed in Violent Facebook Marketplace Deal Gone Wrong

Baltimore, Maryland – In a heartbreaking incident, an 18-year-old high school student from Cuba was fatally shot after deciding against a Facebook Marketplace purchase. The tragic shooting took place on November 26, with Marques Harris, also 18, facing charges of first-degree murder and multiple handgun violations. Baltimore Police Department has released details of the incident and subsequent arrest.

Carlos Carrazana Ricardo, a student at J.P. McCaskey High School who had recently moved from Cuba to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in 2022, was discovered lying on the road with a gunshot wound to the head. CBS News reports that Carrazana Ricardo had traveled 80 miles with a friend to meet someone for a car deal arranged through Facebook Marketplace. However, he changed his mind and decided not to proceed with the transaction. It was during this moment that he was allegedly shot in the head.

After the shooting, Carrazana Ricardo’s friend took control of the vehicle. Unfortunately, their attempt to seek help ended in a crash. The police investigation revealed that the phone number used for the Marketplace meetup was eventually traced back to Marques Harris. The friend of Carrazana Ricardo positively identified Harris as the suspect, leading to his arrest. Police officers found a handgun at Harris’s residence during the arrest.

Initially, Harris claimed that he had been selling the vehicle on Facebook Marketplace but denied any involvement in the shooting. He stated that he heard gunshots after the deal was called off and got into his brother’s car. Harris is due to appear in court on January 3 for a preliminary hearing.

The Baltimore Police Department has not responded to requests for additional information from PEOPLE. The principal of J.P. McCaskey High School, Dr. Justin Reese, wrote a letter expressing the community’s deep grief over the loss of Carrazana Ricardo. The Better Business Bureau of Greater Maryland advised caution when making purchases on Facebook Marketplace, suggesting that individuals should take someone with them.

The tragic death of Carrazana Ricardo has left the community shaken. Councilman John Bullock expressed his sympathy to the family and emphasized the need for continued efforts to combat violence in the city.