Texas Woman’s Alleged Uber Theft Halts Airport Escape

AUSTIN, TX – A peculiar incident unfolded in Austin, Texas, when a woman, evidently dissatisfied with the speed of her Uber ride to the airport, allegedly stole the vehicle from the driver. As per court documents, the woman, identified as 27-year-old Neusha Alexandra Afkami, was attempting to get to Austin-Bergstrom International Airport early on Sunday morning.

The incident began when Afkami was picked up by an Uber driver from a hotel just before midnight on Sunday. The driver’s task was simple: transport Afkami to the airport. However, as they journeyed towards their destination, Afkami reportedly grew increasingly frustrated with what she perceived as the driver’s slow speed.

In a move that shocked the driver, Afkami allegedly grabbed the driver’s phone and threw it out of the vehicle’s window. Understandably surprised and needing his phone, the driver stopped the car to retrieve it. This pause provided Afkami with the opportunity she seemingly required. She is said to have swiftly moved into the driver’s seat, taken control of the vehicle, and driven away, leaving the driver stranded on the side of the road.

Upon being alerted to the situation, local law enforcement swung into action. They could locate the Uber vehicle, which had been abandoned at a terminal at the airport. However, Afkami was nowhere to be found. It was only a matter of time before she was apprehended, though, as she was caught before she could board her flight.

During her subsequent interrogation, Afkami reportedly admitted to taking the car. She claimed that she had told the driver that she would drop the vehicle off at Southwest Airlines due to her urgent need to reach the airport. If proven in court, this alleged confession could be significant evidence against her.

But the accusations against Afkami didn’t stop at car theft. She is also accused of stealing the Uber driver’s wallet. She allegedly made unauthorized purchases at an airport store using the driver’s credit card, totaling nearly $130. According to the authorities, all the items that were bought with the stolen card were found in her possession.

The charges against Afkami are serious. She is facing charges of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, a felony in the state of Texas. If convicted, she could face severe penalties, including imprisonment. As of now, she is being detained in the Travis County Jail.