Student Brutally Attacked While Classmates Record the Beating

Coral Springs, FL: A Coral Springs Police Department spokesperson has indicated that arrests are imminent following a violent incident involving a Marjory Stoneman Douglas (MSD) student who was severely assaulted and hospitalized.

The incident, captured on cellphone video, took place at North Community Park in Coral Springs, where the MSD student was attacked by multiple peers who subjected him to a barrage of heavy blows.

Students at the high school shared that some of their classmates have been arrested after police inquiries aimed at identifying those responsible. 

Law enforcement officials arrived at the school and took one of the involved students into custody, leading him out in handcuffs.

During the altercation, the victim was thrown to the ground by some of the students attending the same school, resulting in an awkward and potentially dangerous landing on his neck and head, rendering him unconscious. A crowd gathered around, with many students recording the incident on their phones rather than calling for assistance. Some individuals did attempt to check on the unconscious student, while others seemed more interested in his condition.

According to the police, the assaulted student sustained a skull fracture and is currently receiving medical treatment at a local hospital.

MSD students who witnessed the fight expressed their shock and disbelief over the incident, with some describing it as escalating from a minor disagreement into a disturbing altercation.

The identities of the alleged attackers have yet to be disclosed by law enforcement as of Thursday evening. The viral video of the incident has generated significant outrage in the South Florida community, which had already endured the tragic 2018 school shooting at MSD that claimed 17 lives.

Initially, it was believed that the fight took place on school grounds. However, MSD Principal Michelle Kefford clarified that the incident occurred at a nearby park, not on school property. Broward County School Board Vice Chair Debbi Hixon condemned the attack as a “horrific violent act” and called for accountability for the involved students.

Local authorities pointed out that the park, although near MSD, is technically under Coral Springs jurisdiction. Students parking at the park must pay a fee and possess a city-issued pass.