Crazy Florida Arrest: Man Found with Parrot – What Happened Next Will Shock You

Washinton County, FL: Timothy Brandon Bowers, a 38-year-old man from Alabama, was arrested on Friday morning in Florida after allegedly admitting to being high. Bowers stated to police that nothing was wrong with him. He said he was just high, and his drug of choice was mushrooms. Bowers is now facing felony drug charges, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office reported.

The incident occurred when a deputy was dispatched to a suspicious vehicle parked on a street in Washington County. The time was 1:44 a.m. The deputies found Bowers in the front seat of a silver Chevrolet Silverado. Bowers appeared to be under the influence of narcotics, according to the report. The arresting deputy noticed that Bowers had a parrot on his shoulder, a large hunting-style knife in the driver’s door, and a toy gun on the center console.

When asked to exit the vehicle, Bowers became argumentative and resisted arrest. The deputy attempted to pull Bowers out of the vehicle, but Bowers grabbed the deputy’s wrist and pulled him toward him. The deputy deployed his taser, and Bowers leaped out of the vehicle. Another deputy arrived and attempted to subdue Bowers, but he continued to resist arrest.

During the altercation, Bowers allegedly grabbed one of the deputies’ holstered weapons. The deputies used force to subdue Bowers, and he was eventually placed in handcuffs. EMS was called to treat Bowers, who was bleeding from his nose and face.

Authorities discovered a golf ball in Bowers’ pants during a search. They also found a plastic baggie with an unknown powder, a package labeled Diamond Shruumz containing a green powder that tested positive for psilocybin, and a vape cartridge that tested positive for THC.

Bowers continued to refuse to cooperate with deputies, repeatedly stating that he was just high and there was nothing wrong with him. Bowers was medically cleared and taken to the Washington County Jail. The sheriff’s office reminded the public to report any suspicious activity, particularly during the holiday season. Authorities did not comment on the status of the parrot found on Bowers’ shoulder.