Woman Kills 14-Year-Old Intruder to Protect Her Daughters

FORT WORTH, Texas: A Fort Worth woman, Aleah Wallace, describes the events that led to her fatally shooting a teenager who was attempting to break into her rental home where she resided with her four daughters. The 14-year-old boy’s death has prompted an investigation, with the police referring the case to a grand jury. 

The series of break-ins that occurred in recent weeks prompted Wallace to acquire a gun to ensure her family’s safety. Previous burglaries transpired when no one was home, but on December 14, there were two attempts to enter her residence. Wallace recalls standing in the hallway and witnessing the teenager attempting to open the window. In a state of panic, she fired a shot, tragically ending the young boy’s life. Wallace expresses remorse over the fact that the victim was just 14 years old.

The incident unfolded shortly after police had left Wallace’s home, having responded to her 911 call reporting someone trying to break into her duplex. Despite her repeated reports of attempted break-ins, Wallace received notice from the apartment management that she was not allowed to possess a gun. Consequently, she now faces eviction and feels uncertain about her housing options.

The case is now heading to a grand jury for review. Wallace, who has four daughters, asserts that she acted out of a desire to safeguard her family. She admits feeling devastated by the loss of a 14-year-old life but emphasizes that her immediate concern was protecting her children from potential harm. Wallace, who had resided in subsidized housing, questions whether eviction will hinder her ability to secure alternative accommodation.

At present, it remains unclear whether residents in government-subsidized housing are prohibited from owning firearms, as no specific laws were found regarding this matter. Additionally, no signs were posted on the property to indicate any such prohibition.

Wallace hopes to raise awareness that her actions were driven solely by the need to protect her family. With the gravity of the situation now weighing heavily on her shoulders, she expresses sorrow for the teenager’s death while emphasizing that she had no way of knowing his age when confronting the threat.