Woman Accused of Attempted Murder After Dismembering Husband

ATIBAIA, Brazil: In a shocking incident, a Brazilian woman faces attempted murder charges for hacking off her husband’s penis. The gruesome act is said to have been motivated by her discovery that her husband had slept with her 15-year-old niece. 

According to reports, the unidentified woman managed to lure her 39-year-old husband into bed, where she bound his wrists and ankles. Armed with a razor, she then proceeded to dismember him. The horrifying ordeal took a macabre turn when she took a photo of the severed appendage before flushing it down the toilet.

On December 22, the woman voluntarily turned herself into the police in Atibaia, accompanied by her brother. “Good evening, officer; I came to introduce myself because I just cut off my husband’s penis,” she allegedly confessed. Her unexpected surrender shocked the authorities.

The woman, who reportedly believed it was possible to reattach the dismembered organ, shared her motive for the brutal act. She claimed that her husband had been involved in a sexual relationship with her underage niece. However, authorities are currently investigating the veracity of her claims, as the age of consent in Brazil is 14.

The victim was rushed to the hospital, and his condition remains unknown at this time. As the investigation unfolds, the police are gathering evidence and interviewing witnesses to establish the events leading up to the gruesome attack.

While cases of genital dismemberment are rare, this incident follows a similar one earlier this year in Indonesia. A woman allegedly cut off her boyfriend’s penis after he threatened to leak their sex tapes when she refused to have sex with him. Such acts of violence highlight the extreme consequences of personal grievances and the potential for irreparable harm.

As the legal proceedings continue, the woman now faces charges of attempted murder, a crime that carries severe penalties under Brazilian law. It will be the authorities’ responsibility to carefully review the evidence and statements to ensure a fair and just outcome.