Shocking Crime Spree: Suspect Kills His Mother and Goes on a Carjacking Rampage in Las Vegas

A suspect killed his mother in southwest Las Vegas on December 27 before proceeding to carjack three different individuals and killing one of them. The incident began at 3:46 a.m. when a call about a shooting at Placid Street and Maulding Avenue was received by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) dispatchers.

Police say the suspect’s parents heard gunshots near their home while they were in the area. While searching for their son, the mother, identified as a woman in her 50s, was struck by shots fired from the suspect. The woman died on the scene. When the police arrived, they took cover as more shots were fired, hitting a police cruiser. The suspect, a man in his 30s, was identified as her son, Justin Davidson. The suspect managed to steal the patrol vehicle and flee the scene.

The pursuit of the stolen police cruiser led officers to the 7300 block of South Durango, where the suspect abandoned the patrol vehicle and proceeded to carjack an individual before fleeing again. The carjacking spree continued to the 8500 block of Blue Diamond, where the suspect carjacked another person using a firearm. An officer witnessed the incident and fired at the suspect, who then fled once more.

The chase ended at Windmill Lane and Durango Drive, where the suspect abandoned the last carjacked vehicle and fired his gun at a citizen in a van, resulting in the victim’s death. The suspect removed the victim from the van and ran over him with the stolen vehicle. Police officers then shot at the vehicle as the suspect fled, hitting the van. The victim in the van was a father of seven.

Finally, at Durango Drive and Agate Avenue, the suspect’s carjacked vehicle broke down. #11 n12Refusing to cooperate with law enforcement, the suspect remained motionless inside the vehicle. The Las Vegas SWAT Team arrived and confirmed that the suspect was deceased.

Luckily, no officers were injured throughout the incident. As of now, it is unknown how the suspect died, but the police state that the suspect’s family is cooperating with the ongoing investigation. Authorities are still searching for a motive behind the initial shooting.