Attack in Dara District Results in Loss of 18 Lives and Injuries to 6 Others

The Dara district in the North Shewa Zone of the Oromia region has been the target of a violent attack that lasted two days, starting on December 24, 2023. Local residents attribute the violence to “Fano militants,” resulting in the deaths of 18 people and injuries to six others.

According to a resident who spoke on condition of anonymity, the militants are believed to have come from neighboring areas such as Marabe and Wagidi districts, as well as Rema town. The attacks began on the afternoon of December 24 and continued until five o’clock the following evening.

The resident revealed that the militants have been present in the area for about a month, establishing a military encampment within the village of Ilu Goda Chafe. The violence resulted in the loss of 11 lives in Godima Sosorka and seven others in Kara Mitikora.

A government employee and resident of the Dara district also provided details of the assaults, mentioning that the attacks, backed by substantial armaments, occurred in several villages within the district.

Six individuals sustained severe injuries and are receiving medical attention at Dara Hospital in Gundo Meskel, the administrative center of the district. The injured include the village leader of Godima Sosorka and members of governmental security agencies. Two women were among the casualties, and approximately 50 cattle were confiscated during the attacks.

The ongoing security difficulties have also disrupted educational operations within the district. The militant factions have established their presence in 10 of the district’s 41 villages, leading to the closure of all schools, except for the district administration center in Gundo Meskel.

District officials did not respond to requests for comments. The tragic loss of life and injuries, along with the impact on education and the confiscation of livestock, have deeply affected the community in Dara. The situation calls for immediate attention and action to address the security challenges facing the district.