“Captain” Vijayakanth’s Mysterious Death Sparks Controversy and Conspiracy Theories

Chennai, India – Actor-politician Vijayakanth, also known as ‘Captain,’ has passed away at the age of 71. The 71-year-old’s battle with pneumonia ultimately led to his demise, despite the best efforts of medical professionals. Vijayakanth, who was the chief of the DMDK party, had previously been hospitalized in November for respiratory issues but was discharged a few weeks later.

Following his passing, Malayalam director Alphonse Puthren made controversial claims on social media, insinuating that Vijayakanth was murdered. Puthren’s post implied that Udayanidhi Stalin, a prominent politician, should investigate the deaths of other prominent figures as well. These claims have added a layer of complexity and controversy to Vijayakanth’s passing.

The news of Vijayakanth’s death has left fans and celebrities in mourning. Many have offered heartfelt tributes, including actor Kamal Haasan, who penned a lengthy note in Tamil praising Vijayakanth’s contributions as an artist and politician. The outpouring of grief and admiration for Vijayakanth reflects the impact he had on the entertainment and political landscapes in Tamilnadu.

Vijayakanth’s passing has left a void in the world of cinema and politics, and his legacy will continue to be remembered by his family, volunteers, and fans. His contributions to both fields have left an indelible mark on Tamilnadu. Published on: December 31, 2023 06:00:11 IST.