Dad with Rare Disease Needs Liver Transplant to Avoid ‘Death Sentence’

LEEDS, U.K. – 27-year-old Jack Pridmore from Leeds, U.K. has been desperately seeking a liver donor since being diagnosed with primary sclerosing cholangitis, a rare auto-immune disease that affects the bile ducts in the liver. Pridmore has been on the transplant list since July but has yet to find a suitable donor, putting his life at risk. His fiancée, Shannon Rose, has made a public appeal for potential donors to come forward, expressing the urgent need for a life-saving transplant.

Currently, Pridmore’s condition has caused severe suffering and has forced him to remain within a two-hour radius of Leeds in case a liver becomes available. The disease has also taken a toll on his family, particularly his four-year-old son, who has been deeply affected by the uncertainty and distress.

Despite Rose’s efforts to donate part of her liver, she was unable to do so due to incompatibility. According to the NHS, live liver donation is considered low risk for the donor, despite the inherent risks involved. The part of the liver that is donated will regenerate, returning to its normal size within weeks.

The desperate plea for a donor is a matter of life and death for Pridmore, who views his current condition as a “death sentence” while he waits for a life-saving transplant. More information about becoming a donor can be found on the NHS website. It’s a race against time for Pridmore, as his health continues to deteriorate while he waits for a potential donor to step forward, willing to give the gift of life.