Ex-boyfriend taken into custody for fatal shooting of Chicago mother

Chicago, IL – Chicago police announced on Saturday that a person of interest had been apprehended in connection with the fatal shooting of a mother in mid-December. Maria Roque was tragically killed outside her home in the Austin neighborhood on November 13. Her brother, Andres Roque, confirmed that a sibling of the alleged gunman had surrendered to law enforcement.

The grieving family expressed some relief that the individual was in custody but acknowledged that it wouldn’t bring back what they had lost. Maria was shot multiple times while she was putting her 8 and 14-year-old children into her car. The alleged gunman, identified as Maria’s ex-boyfriend and father of her youngest child, was reportedly angered by a protection order and losing custody of their daughter.

Despite the tragedy, family members are determined to seek justice for Maria. The children, who witnessed the shooting, are just one of the heartbreaking reminders of the devastation caused by the senseless act. The family is resolved to ensure that the individual responsible for Maria’s death faces the consequences of his actions.

As the new year begins, the Roque family is focused on their quest for justice. While they may never fully find closure, they find comfort in knowing that the alleged perpetrator has been taken off the streets. The year ahead will undoubtedly bring its own set of challenges, but the family is determined to fight for the justice that Maria deserves.

In conclusion, the apprehension of a person of interest in the fatal shooting of Maria Roque has brought a sense of relief to her family. They now face the difficult journey ahead as they seek justice for their lost loved one.