Georgia Murders: Shocking Details Emerge in Case of Two Friends and a Neighbor Shot Dead

Columbus, Georgia – Nearly 10 months after the fatal shootings of two close friends and a neighbor, authorities are yet to offer the public many answers about their deaths. Therasa Johnson, the sister of one of the victims, Ronisha “Nikki” Anderson, expressed her frustration and heartbreak after being informed by the lead detective that police were planning to close the case. Anderson and her friend Juantonja Richmond were shot outside the home office where they worked.

Since then, the lead detective, Anthony Locey, of the Columbus Police Department, has declined to comment on the ongoing investigation but said that the department plans to release information on the case in the new year. Police have identified the possible killer as the neighbor, Solomon Adams, who was also found dead in his home just days after the women were killed.

According to Johnson, ballistics testing showed that the same gun was used in all three deaths and also revealed that Adams appeared in the home’s front yard at the time of the killings, with his hands up in what appeared to be shock or panic. Another link to Adams was his estranged wife’s account of him confessing to doing something bad shortly after the killings.

The detective’s decision to close the case has left the victims’ families and relatives unsettled, with the lead detective allegedly making misleading statements regarding the possible motive for the killings. It was also revealed that one of the women, Anderson, was in the process of moving out of their shared home and had recently filed for divorce from her ex-husband.

Amidst conflicting accounts and unanswered questions, Johnson and the victims’ families are now considering hiring a private detective to conduct a proper investigation. This turn of events has left Johnson feeling numb, frustrated, and heartbroken by the handling of the case by the Columbus Police Department, extinguishing any remaining hope that the true facts would come to light.