Puan Maharani Urges Government to Prepare for Year-End Hydrological Disasters in Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia – Speaker of the House of Representatives (DPR) Puan Maharani is urging the government and relevant institutions to remain vigilant for potential disasters, particularly hydrological disasters, as the year comes to a close. Maharani emphasized the need for preparedness in order to ensure the safety of the people.

The call for vigilance comes in the wake of several disasters that have struck various regions in Indonesia. For instance, North Aceh District has been inundated by floods, affecting over 44 thousand residents. Similarly, floods and landslides have occurred in Lima Puluh Kota District, North Sumatra, while in Madina District, a landslide has disrupted access to the West Coast. Prabumulih City in South Sumatra was also hit by floods, with 16 villages affected, and strong winds caused damage in the Dago area, Bandung District, West Java.

In response to these events, Maharani is urging regional governments to ramp up their preparations against potential extreme rains, floods, storms, forest fires, landslides, strong winds, and whirlwinds, especially in disaster-prone areas. She has expressed support for the efforts of the Regional Disaster Mitigation Agencies (BPBD) in creating integrated posts with other relevant institutions as part of anticipatory measures against potential disasters, and emphasized the need for optimal logistical assistance for disaster victims in each region.

The speaker reminded regional governments of the importance of activating disaster preparedness posts and enhancing monitoring and evaluation measures. With the arrival of the rainy season and the potential for further natural disasters, it is crucial for the government and relevant institutions to remain vigilant and ensure the safety and well-being of the people.

In conclusion, with the ongoing threats posed by the rainy season and the occurrence of various natural disasters, Speaker Puan Maharani is stressing the importance of remaining vigilant and prepared to mitigate the impact of potential disasters in order to protect the safety and well-being of the people.