Unsolved: Former Fast Food Building Associated with Murders Set to be Demolished

SPEEDWAY, Ind. — A former fast-food restaurant known for its connection to the unsolved murders of four young people in 1978 is set to be demolished in the coming weeks. The once Burger Chef building, most recently a pawn shop, has a dark history that continues to haunt the community in Speedway, Indiana.

The building is infamous for being the site of the abduction of four workers in 1978, a tragic event that left Jayne Friedt, Daniel Davis, Mark Flemmonds, and Ruth Ellen Shelton dead. The murders have remained unsolved for 45 years, leaving a painful and unresolved chapter in the town’s history.

Former Speedway police officer Bill Jones, who was starting his career at the time of the murders, reflected on the impact of the building, stating that the community is constantly reminded of the tragedy every time they drive by. The location, near the famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway, has struggled to sustain a successful business in recent years, with various shops closing shortly after opening.

Local town officials have shared plans to demolish the building and eventually replace it with a dental office. The decision comes after years of unsuccessful attempts to redevelop the area, indicating a desire to move forward from the painful memories associated with the building.

The former Burger Chef location has a significant place in local history, as the shocking and senseless murders still remain a mystery after nearly five decades. The demolition of the building represents a potential opportunity for healing and renewal in the community. The new dental office may symbolize a fresh start, allowing the town to move beyond the dark shadow cast by the events of 1978.