Animal Abuse Investigation Process Unveiled After 31 Animals Seized in Washoe County

Reno, Nevada – Washoe County Animal Services recently rescued 31 animals from a property, sparking an animal abuse investigation. The animals, which included 26 dogs and 5 horses, were seized from Greta Anderson, who is facing charges related to animal cruelty, including felony counts of willful/malicious torture, maiming or killing an animal.

According to Robert Wooster, the field manager for Washoe County Regional Animal Services, the investigation process begins when a complaint is filed. Investigators then visit the property to assess the needs of the animals and determine if any abuse has occurred. The owner is then given specific conditions to meet within a timeframe to keep the animals.

If the owner fails to meet these conditions, local law enforcement is contacted, and a warrant may be served leading to the potential arrest of the owner.

Cruelty to animals can involve intentional acts of violence towards an animal or causing unnecessary suffering. This includes deprivation of food, water, shelter, or veterinary care, as well as animal abandonment and physical abuse.

To report immediate animal welfare concerns, individuals can contact Washoe County Animal Services at 775-322-3647 or email [email protected].

In cases of animal abuse, it is important to include specific details in a report, such as the location of the animal, a description of the animal, the nature of the problem, and the duration of the issue. This information helps investigators address the situation effectively.

The investigation into the recent animal abuse case involving Greta Anderson underscores the importance of reporting and addressing animal cruelty to ensure the well-being of animals in Washoe County.