Animal Cruelty Arrest: Woman Charged After 8 Dogs Found in Deplorable Conditions

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — A woman in Louisville, Vallary Amato, 52, was arraigned on eight counts of animal cruelty and one violation of the Metro Louisville ordinance after eight dogs were found alone in a house with feces piled “several feet high,” according to her arrest citation. She was supposed to be caring for the dogs at the home of her son and her son’s boyfriend but only stopped by once a week to feed the dogs. It’s unclear if her son and her son’s boyfriend will also be charged.

The two men lived in the 1400 block of Possibility Way, off Westport Road in Eastern Jefferson County. Neighbors reported to LMAS that they had not been living at the home for months and appeared to have abandoned both the home and the dogs. LMAS sent animal control officers by the house three times between Sept. 30 and Nov. 15, but each time, nobody was home. In mid-November, one of the men agreed to let them remove the dogs from the home.

According to court records, “Seven of the dogs were being kept in one room, which was covered in feces several feet high. A large hole had been clawed into the wall. Feces and dirt was covering the window sills and the ceiling. Feces was also found throughout the residence. The dogs were not socialized.”

The dogs were all placed with foster families after being cleaned and groomed at LMAS. A judge set Amato’s bond at $2,500 and ordered her not to have any contact with animals. She is due back in court on Jan. 8.

Amato’s neglect and mistreatment of the dogs highlight the importance of enforcement of animal cruelty laws and the responsibility of pet owners to provide proper care for their animals. The impact of neglect on animals not only affects their physical wellbeing but also their mental and emotional health. Cases like this emphasize the need for communities to be vigilant in reporting suspected animal cruelty and for authorities to take swift action to protect the welfare of animals.