Deaths of Five People in Kasese District on Christmas Day Under Investigation by Police

KASESE, Uganda – Police in the Kasese District are currently looking into the circumstances surrounding the deaths of five individuals on Christmas Day. According to Rwenzori East regional Acting Police spokesperson, SP Luka Mbusa, preliminary investigations suggest that the deaths were due to a variety of reasons such as suicide, mob action, and excessive alcohol consumption.

The deceased individuals were identified as Zepha Lezphan Masereka, Venesio Sunday Masereka, Michael Maate, Edson Masereka, and Mulekya Mbale. Their tragic deaths occurred in different locations within the district.

SP Mbusa described the details of each case, including the suspicion of suicide, mob action leading to a fatal outcome, and potential alcohol-related deaths. He emphasized the need for thorough investigations into each incident.

He also urged the community to refrain from taking justice into their own hands and to instead hand over any suspects to the police for proper handling and due process. This call came in response to the discovery of one victim with signs of mutilation and suspected foul play.

Kasese Deputy Resident District Commissioner, Lt Maate Magwara, assured the public that despite these isolated incidents, the district had a peaceful Christmas celebration. He encouraged continued vigilance and cooperation with security forces to maintain safety and thwart any potential threats.

In conclusion, the tragic deaths of these individuals on Christmas Day in the Kasese District are under investigation, with authorities urging the community to refrain from vigilante justice and to work with law enforcement to ensure safety and peace in the region.