Decades-old DNA test results exonerate Dr. Ed Friedland in Charlotte murder case

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – DNA evidence released on Sunday has reignited interest in a long-standing unsolved murder case in Charlotte, North Carolina. The DNA, which belongs to a 61-year-old career criminal named Marion Gales, was found at the scene of the 1990 murder of Kim Thomas. Gales, who had been previously linked to the murder but never charged, has been implicated by the new DNA results in addition to another suspect, Dr. Ed Friedland, who was charged with his wife’s death four years after Thomas was found dead in her home.

The release of the DNA results has led to the belief by defense attorney David Rudolf that Dr. Friedland, Thomas’ husband, has been unjustly accused for 34 years, living under a cloud of suspicion. However, the new information supports Gales as the primary suspect in the murder case. Additionally, the DNA test confirmed Gales’ involvement in the murder of another woman, further corroborating Rudolf’s claims.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department released the DNA test results late last year, revealing that DNA collected from the crime scene was consistent with Gales’ DNA. While further testing in 2009 also presented DNA evidence that was consistent with both Gales and Friedland, the 2021 and 2022 test results have strengthened the case against Gales. Rudolf has demanded transparency from the CMPD, criticizing the department for not exonerating Dr. Friedland earlier.

Despite the tension surrounding the case, it is crucial to remain committed to finding the truth and seeking justice. The 1990 murder of Kim Thomas remains an open wound for the city of Charlotte, and ongoing efforts to bring closure to the case must be diligently pursued. As the investigation continues, it is essential to prioritize transparency and accuracy in order to honor the memory of the victim and provide closure to the family and community affected by this tragic event.