Demolition Planned for Former Burger Chef Building Linked to Notorious Unsolved Crime

SPEEDWAY, Ind. – The former Burger Chef building in Speedway, Indiana, is set to be demolished, marking the end of a site linked to one of the most heinous unsolved crimes in Indianapolis-area history

The fast-food building was the location where four young workers were abducted in 1978 and tragically found slain two days later in a field in a different county. The free-standing building, situated near the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, will be demolished and replaced with a dental office, according to town officials who spoke to local news outlets.

Over the years, the building housed various businesses, including a pawn shop that closed in 2016. Speedway Town Council President Vince Noblet explained, “It’s been a couple of shops over the years that never caught on for more than a couple months and we’ve talked about redeveloping over time but that hasn’t happened.”

The tragedy that occurred 45 years ago still lingers in the memories of the community. Four young fast-food workers, Jayne Friedt, Daniel Davis, Ruth Shelton, and Mark Flemmonds, were abducted at closing time on November 17, 1978. Their bodies were later found in a Johnson County field, still dressed in their brown and orange work uniforms.

Former Speedway police officer Bill Jones shared, “People drive by and see the building and they’re always reminded of what happened here.”

The former Burger Chef building holds a dark and tragic history, reminiscent of a time when a violent crime shocked the community. As it now stands on the brink of demolition, it signifies the end of an era tainted by tragedy.