Eagles Flight Provides Support and Burial Assistance for Murdered Pregnant Teen and Unborn Son

SAN ANTONIO, Texas – Eagles Flight, a nonprofit organization, has extended a helping hand to the family of Savanah Soto, who tragically lost her life last week along with her boyfriend, Matthew Guerra, and their unborn son, Fabian. This comes as an effort to support the family during this harrowing time.

Pamela Allen, the CEO of Eagles Flight, expressed the organization’s history of providing assistance to those in need. Over the past decade, they have been involved in burying abandoned and abused infants, as well as women who have fallen victim to domestic violence. The organization has taken on the responsibility that others in the community may shy away from.

With the recent incident, Eagles Flight will be facilitating the burial for Savanah and Fabian, marking their 49th and 50th burial. In addition to the burial arrangements, the organization has organized a vigil for Soto and her unborn baby and is taking steps to support the family throughout the process.

The family has expressed gratitude for the assistance provided by Eagles Flight, acknowledging the difficult and emotional journey they are currently navigating. Allen, in response, speaks of the heart-wrenching cries of a mother mourning the loss of her child, highlighting the immense pain experienced by the family.

Furthermore, the organization is committed to standing with the family as they endure this tragic loss. As they offer their support, Eagles Flight aims to provide comfort and aid to the family as they navigate through this devastating ordeal.

In summary, Eagles Flight has taken on the responsibility of assisting the family of Savanah Soto, who was tragically murdered along with her boyfriend and their unborn son. The organization has a history of supporting those in need, and they are dedicated to standing with the family during this challenging time.