Elderly Doctor Assaulted After Assisting Unconscious Man in Melbourne: Call for Community Vigilance and Support

BRIGHTON, Melbourne, Australia – A 76-year-old doctor was attacked on the first day of the New Year after attempting to assist an unconscious man in Melbourne. The doctor found the unconscious man on a nature strip along Bay Street and tried to provide medical assistance, as per his profession’s oath and his compassion for others. However, the situation took a frightening turn when the unconscious man suddenly regained consciousness and assaulted the elderly doctor around 6:15 am.

The assailant not only attacked the doctor but also followed him to his home, damaging the front door and issuing further threats. Victoria Police responded to the incident and arrested a 29-year-old man connected with the assault. The assailant sustained minor injuries during the altercation and was hospitalized, with authorities planning to interrogate him at a later date.

Local Member of Parliament for Brighton, James Newbury, identified the victim as a “much loved” Jewish doctor and praised his actions as that of a good Samaritan. While the doctor sustained non-life-threatening injuries, the incident has prompted the Victoria Police to urge anyone with information or footage of the assault to come forward. This call extends to potential witnesses, encouraging them to contact Crime Stoppers.

The incident has raised concerns about safety and order in the community, especially following several illegal fireworks causing severe injuries in Melbourne on New Year’s Eve. The need for vigilance and community participation in maintaining safety and order has been highlighted. The doctor’s act of compassion, followed by the unfortunate assault, serves as a reminder of the risks faced by those who seek to help others in their time of need.