“horrific crime” – Young Bald Eagle Fatally Shot on Christmas Eve in Virginia Wildlife Shelter

Roanoke, Virginia – A tragic incident occurred on Christmas Eve at the Southwest Virginia Wildlife Shelter when a young bald eagle died from a gunshot wound in the wing. The bird was admitted to the shelter after evading capture for over a week, surviving by feeding on deer carcasses. Despite the efforts of the shelter staff and wildlife experts, the eagle’s injuries were too severe, and it did not survive.

The Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center expressed their sorrow over the loss of the magnificent bird. According to the center, the eagle’s injuries were confirmed to be from a gunshot wound, with bullet fragments found in its wing. The extent of the damage was irreparable, leading to the bird’s untimely death.

Chester Leonard, the executive director of the SVWC, expressed his deep sadness at the incident, emphasizing that animals deserve better treatment. The deliberate shooting of a bald eagle is considered a serious crime, with significant penalties for offenders. The SVWC described the incident as a “horrific crime” and urged anyone with information to contact the Department of Wildlife Resources.

The tragic death of the young bald eagle serves as a stark reminder of the importance of protecting these majestic birds and all wildlife. The deliberate harm of such creatures not only violates the law but also goes against the fundamental respect and appreciation for nature that should be upheld in our society. Anyone with information about the incident is urged to come forward, as the search for justice and accountability continues.

In summary, a young bald eagle tragically died from a gunshot wound in Southwest Virginia, prompting outrage and calls for justice from the community. The deliberate harm of wildlife, especially such iconic and protected species, is a matter of significant concern and requires thorough investigation and action.