Increase in Murders During Robberies by 14% in Karachi for Outgoing Year

KARACHI, Pakistan: Incidents of murders during robberies have increased by 14% in the outgoing year 2023. Throughout the year, the metropolitan city faced the biggest challenge of violent street crime as 135 people were killed and 1,150 injured by armed muggers, with most of the fatalities resulting from resistance during robberies occurring in District East, followed by District Central and District West.

Official statistics reported that District South had the fewest incidents of deadly robberies, while there was a record 14% increase in the number of murders during robbery incidents compared to 2022. The increase is particularly evident in armed robbers firing upon unsuspecting citizens during robberies, with over 1,100 resistance incidents occurring throughout the city, resulting in the deaths of 135 people and injuries to over 1,150.

The victims included individuals from various walks of life, such as traders, shopkeepers, students, religious scholars, government officers, police personnel, and workers. In response to the rising deaths and injuries in looting incidents, Karachi residents expressed feelings of insecurity and criticized the failure of police authorities to secure the city and protect its residents.

Concerns were raised about the vulnerability of youths, who seem to be increasingly targeted in robbery and extortion incidents, as reflected in the significant number of youths among those who lost their lives during robbery resistance. The alarming trend of deaths during robberies continued throughout the year, with varying numbers of deaths in each subsequent month. District East saw the highest number of people losing their lives to armed robbers, followed by Central District and West District.

In conclusion, the surge in violent street crime and deaths during robberies in Karachi has raised significant concerns about the safety and security of its residents, prompting criticism towards the authorities for their failure to effectively address the issue. The increase in murders during robberies in 2023 compared to the previous year highlights the urgent need for comprehensive measures to tackle the escalating crime rates in the city.