John Burley Killed in Plane Crash in Forest County, PSP Marienville Reports

JENKS TWP., Pa. – A man tragically lost his life in a plane crash on Friday night in Forest County, according to State Police in Marienville. The victim, 59-year-old John Burley from Winber, Somerset County, Pa., was flying a 2006 Myers Winfred STOL CH 701, a fixed-wing, single-engine plane. The crash occurred late Friday evening along Buzzard Swamp Road in Jenks Township, Forest County.

After taking off from Johnstown-Cambria County Airport in Somerset County at 3:35 p.m. on December 29, Burley landed at Erie International Airport at 5:20 p.m. He then departed from Erie International to return to Johnstown-Cambria and was last tracked around 9:56 p.m. The investigation into the crash showed that during cruise flight, the airplane started a descent from 4500 feet towards 3300 feet, followed by a steep left climb and then a descending 360° spiral, according to Aviation Accidents.

The National Traffic Safety Board is currently investigating the incident. However, calls to the NTSB for additional information were not immediately returned. The details surrounding the crash are still being looked at by the authorities, and any further updates will be made available as the investigation progresses.

The tragic plane crash serves as a sobering reminder of the risks involved in aviation, and it is important for authorities to thoroughly investigate and understand the cause of such accidents. The loss of life in such circumstances is always heartbreaking, and the impact of this incident will be felt by the victim’s family and the wider community. Stay tuned for further updates as the investigation continues.