Mother Accused of Murdering Children in Custody in the U.K.

Colorado Springs Police (CSPD) have apprehended Kimberlee Singler, the 35-year-old mother accused of murdering her two children. Singler was taken into custody without incident in the United Kingdom on Saturday, Dec. 30th. The police continue to investigate the homicide of 9-year-old Ellie Wentz and 7-year-old Aden Wentz.

The arrest follows a report of a burglary at a Palomino Ranch Point condo unit nearly two weeks prior, in which Singler’s two children were found dead and Singler and her 11-year-old daughter were injured. The investigation revealed that the reported burglary never occurred, leading to the development of probable cause to arrest Singler for the murder of her children. Singler had initially cooperated with the police but ultimately fled Colorado Springs.

Kevin Wentz, Singler’s ex-husband, expressed relief and gratitude following Singler’s arrest in the United Kingdom. He hopes for Singler’s extradition to Colorado and continues to seek justice for his children. The family has requested privacy to mourn and heal.

The arrest of Kimberlee Singler in the United Kingdom brings a sense of closure to the investigation into the tragic deaths of her two children. Singler was apprehended by Colorado Springs Police (CSPD) after fleeing the United States, providing a glimmer of hope for the grieving family. The police continue to work diligently to bring justice for Ellie and Aden Wentz, as the community mourns the loss of the young siblings.