Parole Granted, Then Rescinded for KK’s Corner Killer: A 2023 Top 10 Story

Lake Charles, Louisiana – The story of Thomas Cisco, the man sentenced to 90 years in prison for the 1997 triple homicide at KK’s Corner, took a surprising turn when his parole was granted and then rescinded the next day.

Cisco’s victims, including store employees and a 14-year-old girl, were part of the senseless tragedy that unfolded in 1997. His case has been mired in legal battles and contentious issues, from multiple verdicts to conflicts of interest involving his attorneys and key witnesses.

In 2008, Cisco’s charges were amended to second-degree murder, effectively removing the possibility of another death sentence. However, the legal saga continued, leading to a 2010 plea agreement that resulted in a 90-year prison sentence for Cisco.

Despite the plea agreement, questions about Cisco’s eligibility for parole arose after a disciplinary infraction came to light. On February 9, Cisco appeared before a disciplinary board and admitted to the infraction, leading to the rescission of his parole.

The complex legal history and the recent turn of events illustrate the ongoing challenges and complexities of the judicial system. The uncertainty surrounding Cisco’s parole highlights the nuances and intricacies of criminal justice.

As of now, Thomas Cisco remains in custody, and the future of his parole eligibility remains uncertain. The legal saga that began in 1997 continues to unfold, with implications for both the victims’ families and the judicial system as a whole.