12-Mighty Sunspot Regions Observed Today, Highest Number Since June 2023

January 13, 2024 – 12 sunspot regions have been spotted on the Earth-facing side of the sun. This is the highest number since June of 2023. Solar Max is on its way, marking the peak of the sun’s 11-year cycle. While sun activity is currently low, there have been 12 active regions observed, with more expected to rotate into view soon.

In the last 24 hours, the sun has shown moderate activity, with 20 flares produced, comprising four M-class flares and 16 C-class flares. The largest of these was an M1.4 flare from active region AR3538. The sun has a total of 10 numbered active regions on its Earth-facing side, with further activity expected in the coming days.

The cumulative forecast for the next 24 hours is a 99% chance for C-class flares, a 45% chance for M-class flares, and a 5% chance for X-class flares. The current geomagnetic activity of Earth’s geomagnetic field is quiet, but there is a possibility of some geomagnetic disturbance due to the nearby pass of one or more coronal mass ejections, resulting in quiet to unsettled conditions anticipated for January 14.

The sun’s calm day is ending, as flare size, number, and prominence/filament activity have all increased in the last 24 hours. In recent days, 19 C flares were produced, with the largest being a C9.6 flare from active region AR3538, which produced nine of the 19 flares. This region continues to maintain its beta-gamma magnetic complexity, indicating the potential for more powerful flares.

January 12 saw an increase in solar activity, with 15 C flares reported. The largest was a C8.8 flare from active region AR3534, which has now moved beyond the sun’s visible edge, indicating a much larger flare than observed. Over the past day, there has been a total of 17 C flares, with three of the nine active sunspot groups showing beta-gamma magnetic complexity.

In recent days, the sun has shown low sunspot numbers but with a number of active regions visible on the Earth-facing side. Several photos of the sun’s activity, including sunspots and other solar features, have been captured by members of our community. There is an open invitation for the submission of photos of sunspots and auroras, as the public’s interest in and awareness of solar activity continues to grow.

To recap, the recent increase in solar activity has led to the observation of 12 sunspot regions on the Earth-facing side of the sun, marking the highest number since June 2023. A new surge in solar activity is anticipated, with the promise of more dynamic events and additional active regions to be observed.