Tarzana Man Arrested in Connection with Missing Family Members and Body Parts Found in Dumpster

Los Angeles, California – The Los Angeles Police Department is facing a puzzling case involving a Tarzana man, three missing family members, and the discovery of body parts in a dumpster. Samuel Bond Haskell IV, the son of a well-known Hollywood executive, was taken into custody in connection with a woman’s torso found in a dumpster, believed to be that of his wife. However, his wife and her parents are still missing, adding more mystery to the case.

Haskell, his wife, Mei Haskell, and her parents, Yanxiang Wang and Gaoshen Li, all resided in Tarzana. The couple has three children who were found to be safe when the police intervened in the case. Police disclosed that on Nov. 7, Haskell attempted to hire day laborers to move bags from his home, claiming they contained body parts. When this failed, video evidence captured him dumping the bags from his car in Encino.

Subsequently, a passerby discovered a human torso in a duffel bag in an Encino dumpster. Following this horrific discovery, investigators found blood and other evidence within Haskell’s residence, indicating a potential link to the killing and dismemberment. The day laborers revealed that Haskell tried to pay them to remove the bags, initially claiming they contained rocks or Halloween decorations, but the workers discovered the true contents, which felt like meat.

The Los Angeles County district attorney’s office has pressed three special circumstance murder charges against Haskell for the killings of his wife and her parents. Despite this, Mei Haskell and her parents remain missing since Nov. 6, and the authorities have been unable to reach them. Haskell appeared in court and has been ordered to be held without bail as the investigation continues, with a hearing scheduled for December 8th.

The case continues to baffle authorities, and the community remains shocked by the gruesome nature of the crimes. The authorities are determined to ensure justice for the victims, while the search for Mei Haskell and her parents remains ongoing. This complex and heartbreaking case has shaken the local community and raised questions about the events leading up to the grisly discoveries.