Amazon Flex Delivery Driver Gunned Down While on the Job, Family Seeks Answers and Accountability

KING COUNTY, Wash. – The family of an Amazon delivery driver is seeking justice after he was fatally shot while on the job. Sergey Kubay, a 50-year-old Amazon Flex driver, was found shot in his car on January 25th. Kubay had been working part-time as a package delivery driver for Amazon for at least four years. His family is calling for better protection for part-time drivers like Sergey, who often work late into the night making deliveries.

The victim’s wife, who is also a package delivery driver for Amazon, now fears for her own safety. The couple relied on the income from Amazon to support their children and now they are left wondering who will take care of other Flex drivers. The family is calling on Amazon to step in and provide better protection for all its drivers, not just in this tragic case, but for all part-time delivery workers.

According to Kubay, Sergey was shot while making deliveries at the Fairwood Pond Apartments in King County. The family believes that more should have been done to ensure the safety and well-being of delivery drivers, especially given the late hours they often work.

Amazon has stated that they are deeply saddened by the crime and are working with the authorities to support the investigation. The King County Sheriff’s Office is still investigating the case, and the family is seeking justice for the senseless killing of their loved one.

Despite their grief, the family is focused on moving forward and is seeking to raise funds for the father’s burial. For those who wish to contribute, a fund has been set up to help with the expenses.

Sergey’s tragic killing has left the family devastated, but they are determined to find peace and move forward. The family is urging anyone with information about the shooting to come forward and assist with the investigation. Their hope is to find answers and seek justice for the loss of their beloved family member.