Explosive Ordnance Cleared: Medford Park Reopens After Investigation

Medford, Massachusetts – The west side of the Mystic Valley Parkway in Medford, Massachusetts was closed on Saturday afternoon as authorities investigated a possible explosive device found in the Condon Shell park. Images shared by the Massachusetts State Police (MSP) suggested that the item in question was a defused mortar. Both the MSP and the Medford Fire Department determined the item to be inert, and the scene was later cleared. These findings were announced via tweets by the MSP and the Medford Police department, with the latter confirming the removal of the device and the reopening of the street.

The investigation led to the closure of a section of Route 16 for at least an hour and a half between Main Street and Winthrop Street. The first alert about the possible explosive was issued around 2:30 p.m. The closure was part of the precautionary measures taken as the authorities dealt with the situation at the park. The swift response and resolution of the incident allowed for the reopening of the street after confirming the inert nature of the item discovered.

The precise nature of the “military ordinance” found at the park was not disclosed, but the prompt action taken by the Massachusetts State Police and the Medford Fire Department helped ensure the safety of the area. This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of vigilance and swift response when dealing with potential threats to public safety.

Authorities have not revealed any details about how the item came to be at the park, but the incident is a testament to the coordinated efforts of various law enforcement and emergency response agencies to swiftly address and neutralize potential threats in public spaces. The determination of the item as inert highlights the effectiveness of the response, allowing for the normalcy of the area to be restored in a timely manner.

The closure of a major road due to the investigation underscores the impact that security-related incidents can have on public infrastructure and daily life. The cooperation between the Massachusetts State Police and the Medford Fire Department demonstrates the importance of inter-agency collaboration in handling such situations. The swift resolution of the incident on Saturday afternoon serves as a testament to their efficiency and effectiveness in ensuring public safety.