Manhunt underway for suspect in shooting of newlywed couple at Wisconsin bar

ELKHORN, Wis. (AP) – The town of Elkhorn, Wisconsin is in mourning as funeral arrangements are being made for a newlywed couple who tragically lost their lives in a fatal shooting inside a local bar. The bodies of Gina and Emerson Weingart were found at Sports Page Bar in downtown Elkhorn, leaving the community in shock and grief.

Relatives and friends gathered on Friday to lay flowers, light candles, and display photos in memory of the couple. Gina Weingart worked as a part-time bartender at the bar, and her husband Emerson would often keep her company, sitting at the bar while she worked late at night.

Emerson’s father, Jeff Weingart, is devastated by the loss and is seeking answers about the suspect responsible for the shooting. He expressed his disbelief and anguish, urging for the capture of the perpetrator, “Somebody saw them. I don’t care, you don’t pull something like that off. I can’t believe that it was just her and him in the bar. So somebody saw them, and somebody had to give a description of them, and somebody had to see the car when he drove away, and they better find him.”

As investigators combed the scene for evidence, businesses in the vicinity are on high alert with the suspect still at large. Aaron Gottchalk, the owner of Driven Nutrition, emphasized the unease in the community and the need for additional security measures to ensure the safety of his employees. Barista Jaeda Mendez echoed this sentiment, sharing her fear and uncertainty in the wake of the tragic event, “It’s super scary, especially because we don’t even know a description of the person, so it’s just super scary, just to know that you could just be sitting with someone at the bar and, you know, the next minute, you never know what can happen.”

The community is shaken by the loss of the Weingart couple and the continued search for the suspect is ongoing, leaving many residents grappling with fear and grief. The authorities are actively pursuing leads to bring closure to this devastating incident.