Oxford Man Guilty of Wounding Partner with Smashed Vodka Bottle, Sentenced to 30 Months

Oxford, England – A man from Oxford, Lewis Wootton, has pleaded guilty after being accused of wounding his partner with a smashed vodka bottle. The 41-year-old was expected to stand trial at Oxford Crown Court for the incident that left his partner, Hayley Dalton, with a 12cm long and 3cm deep cut to her face. Wootton’s violent outburst occurred on July 31 last year, during an argument with passers-by about heroin use.

The court heard that Wootton initiated the argument before turning on Miss Dalton, punching her and causing her to fall to the ground. He then used a shard of glass from a smashed vodka bottle to inflict the severe wound on his partner. The judge, Joseph Hart, sentenced Wootton to 30 months, emphasizing the long-lasting impact of his violent actions on his partner’s life.

Specialist investigator Rebecca Newman expressed her satisfaction with the sentencing, stating that it would allow the victim to recover and rebuild her life. Wootton was also charged with affray and criminal damage, and he has been made subject to a restraining order until further notice.

The incident at The Leys Pharmacy in Atkyns Road, Headington, took place in front of numerous members of the public, causing distress and trauma to those who witnessed the prolonged violent attack. The actions of Wootton not only caused physical harm but also left a ‘life-long, depressing reminder’ for his partner, as stated by Judge Joseph Hart.

It is essential for law enforcement and society to take a strong stance against domestic violence and ensure that perpetrators are held accountable for their actions. The sentencing of Wootton reflects the seriousness with which such acts of violence are treated, providing a sense of justice and protection for victims of domestic abuse.