Broward County Man Facing Charges in Tragic Trooper & Truck Driver Deaths Was Arrested Multiple Times

Port St. Lucie, Florida – A Broward County man, Michael Addison, is currently facing charges in the deaths of a state trooper and a truck driver. According to officials, Addison has been arrested multiple times, particularly in Broward County, and is also wanted on two warrants related to aggravated battery and weapons charges.

Florida Highway Patrol Trooper James Zachary Fink was pursuing Addison when the pursuit ended in a fatal crash on Interstate 95, resulting in the death of Fink and the truck driver. Officials have not yet publicly released Addison’s motive for speeding away from the trooper and another state trooper, who elected not to pursue Addison.

Court records reveal that Addison’s probation was revoked in May 2022 after an incident in which he choked out his ex-girlfriend in December 2021 and failed to pay fees related to his probation. Additionally, Addison was on probation for five years after being involved in a plea deal with prosecutors, in which he placed his photo on a fake ID and attempted to open debit card accounts using that identity.

Prosecutors abandoned their prosecution after video evidence indicated that Addison may not have been responsible for the charges brought against him. Furthermore, court records from Miami-Dade County show that Addison received probation as part of a plea agreement for various weapons charges, including possession on school property, and also faced burglary and grand theft charges in 2012 in Broward County, resulting in three years of probation.

In addition to his legal troubles, Addison has not paid fines worth thousands of dollars related to these offenses and various traffic citations, and has also faced eviction from an apartment in Broward County after failing to pay rent.

Currently, Addison is being held in the St. Lucie County Jail without bond, and the arrest report has not been released by the Florida Highway Patrol or the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office. The failures of the justice system to hold Addison accountable for his actions have raised questions about the effectiveness of the legal process and the need for reform to prevent individuals like him from evading justice.