Kwahu Bepong: Violent Riots Result in 25 Arrests Following Double Murder

Kwahu Bepong, Ghana – The Ghana Police Service announced on Sunday the arrest of 25 individuals in connection with the violent attack on a local police station in Kwahu Bepong. The incident was preceded by a series of disturbing events stemming from the murder of a man and his sister two weeks prior.

Reports indicate that a young man allegedly murdered a beer bar operator during a robbery attempt. The brother of the woman also tried to rescue her but was allegedly murdered by the suspect in a nearby village. The suspect then fled the scene, prompting a manhunt by the authorities.

The suspect was eventually apprehended by the youth of the town, who attempted to lynch him but were thwarted by the intervention of the police. Incensed by the perceived lack of cooperation from the chief of Bepong and the police, the youth went on a rampage, attacking the chief’s palace and the local police station.

The attacks resulted in damage to properties, including cars and motorbikes belonging to the police and the palace. The Ghana Police Service confirmed the arrests and stated that a reinforcement team had restored calm in the area. Videos shared on social media depicted chaotic scenes as the youth carried out the attacks.

The police also assured that efforts were ongoing to arrest the other suspects involved in the attacks and that further details would be shared in due course. The incident has sparked concern and raised questions about the underlying issues that led to the violent outburst in Kwahu Bepong.