Former Greenwood Village Cop On Trial for Killing Teen After Road Rage Argument Peaked into Fatality

AURORA, Colo. — On Tuesday, the trial of former Greenwood Village police officer Adam Holen, who stands accused of killing a teenager, will commence more than two years after the tragic shooting on the night before Thanksgiving. The incident involved a fatal exchange of gunfire that resulted in the death of Peyton Blitstein, 17, and left Holen injured.

According to court documents, the encounter started with an argument over careless driving, as captured by a doorbell camera. The footage shows the altercation escalating to the sound of gunshots between Holen and Peyton, leaving the latter dead. The trial, taking place in Arapahoe County, will see Holen face a charge of second-degree murder.

The events leading to the shooting unfolded when a car, driven by Peyton, was allegedly involved in a dispute with Holen over reckless driving in his neighborhood. Holen pursued the car, and the confrontation culminated in front of a home on the same street where Holen lives. Investigators believe Holen was the primary aggressor, choosing not to drive away when tensions rose.

The delay in the trial has added to the anguish of the Blitstein family, who have been vocal about their frustration with the prolonged wait for justice. Throughout the process, Holen has been out of jail on bond, compounding the family’s distress over the loss of their son.

In a police interview, Holen claimed that there were issues with a car speeding through his neighborhood, leading to the confrontation that ultimately resulted in the fatal shooting. However, the victim’s father, Todd Blitstein, asserts that his son was simply defending his friends and was left with no choice.

As the trial commences, the family seeks closure and justice for the untimely death of Peyton. The trial, originally delayed due to Holen waiving his right to a speedy trial, is scheduled to run through the following Thursday, with jury selection set to begin this week.

This case has garnered attention due to the tragic circumstances surrounding a dispute that turned deadly, and it now falls on the judicial system to determine the outcome and deliver justice for the victim and his grieving family.