Gangster Keefe D’s nephew bragged about 2Pac’s murder, claims officer

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – Shocking revelations about the murder of rap icon 2Pac have emerged as Keefe D, a suspect in the case, remains behind bars awaiting trial. Officer Robert Ladd, a member of the Compton Gang Unit involved in the 1996 shooting investigation, recently disclosed new information about the case. Ladd claimed that gangster’s nephew, Orlando Anderson, was allegedly bragging about being the triggerman in the murder. According to Ladd, multiple informants named Anderson as the shooter, and also asserted that he was bragging about the killing within his gang.

Officer Ladd also revealed a miscommunication between Las Vegas PD and Compton PD that led to a missed opportunity to intercept a white Cadillac allegedly involved in the murder. He stated that informants were coming forward days after the shooting, naming both Keefe D and Orlando Anderson, with some even specifying the individuals who were in the car at the time of the murder. The revelation shed new light on the long-standing mystery surrounding 2Pac’s death, providing crucial insight into the events leading up to the killing.

Last year, Suge Knight, the former Death Row Records boss, voiced his surprise over Keefe D’s arrest in connection with 2Pac’s murder. Knight, who was present during the fatal drive-by shooting and sustained injuries, expressed skepticism about the involvement of Orlando Anderson in the murder. Additionally, Knight emphasized his camaraderie with Keefe D, stating that he played football with him and expressing his reluctance to see anyone, including Keefe D, arrested for the crime. Knight’s perspective added a layer of complexity to the case, calling into question the veracity of the new allegations against Keefe D and Anderson.

As Keefe D prepares for his murder trial, he has made significant legal changes by replacing his public defenders with a new attorney. The high-profile attorney, Carl Arnold, will now represent Keefe D in the ongoing trial. With Arnold’s extensive legal experience and successful track record, the case is likely to take new turns as it progresses. These recent developments have brought the spotlight back onto the decades-old murder case, stirring up fresh intrigue and speculation about the true culprits behind 2Pac’s tragic death.