“Immigration Policies” Under Fire as “Angel Mom” Urges Accountability for Migrant Crimes in Wake of Brutal NYPD Attack

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK – A mother, who tragically lost her son to a drunk-driving crash involving an illegal immigrant, has expressed frustration over the release of violent migrants who attacked two New York City police officers without bail.

Mary Ann Mendoza, known as an Angel Mom, spoke out against what she sees as lenient policies towards illegal immigrants, warning that such actions will only lead to an increase in brazen crimes across the country. She believes that the surge in illegal immigration will only result in more cases like the recent attack on the NYPD officers.

Law enforcement sources disclosed that four of the charged migrants might have fled to California. This has stirred up a wave of criticism toward Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg for his decision to release the suspects without bail.

Mendoza expressed outrage at the decision, emphasizing that the perpetrators should be held accountable. She also warned that these actions by the authorities would lead to more heinous crimes, and the safety of American citizens would be compromised.

The grieving mother has been vocal about the risks of open-border policies for the past ten years since her son’s tragic death. She insists that the federal government must take action to secure the border to prevent a worsening situation. Mendoza believes that until the government prioritizes the protection of American citizens, the situation will only continue to deteriorate.

In the face of these alarming developments, she urges the public to demand accountability from those in power and to take the threat of illegal immigration more seriously. Mendoza’s impassioned plea reflects the ongoing concerns over the consequences of lenient immigration policies and their impact on public safety.