Joliet Manhunt Ends as Suspect in Fatal Shootings Found Dead After Texas Pursuit

Joliet, Illinois – Police vehicles and orange cones blocked off access to two homes on West Acres Road in Joliet, where suburban police discovered one of the worst crime scenes they had ever encountered. The suspect, 23-year-old Romeo Nance, died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound after being pursued by U.S. marshals in Texas. As of Tuesday morning, only one of the victims had been identified as 28-year-old Toyosi Bakare, originally from Nigeria.

The neighborhood in Joliet, typically known for being quiet and safe, was left in fear after the tragic incident. Residents, like carpenter Ruben Dunaven, expressed their surprise and concern about the shooting, stating, “This is supposed to be the nicer part of Joliet.”

The search for Nance ended in Texas after the Medina County sheriff’s office received a call that he was heading into the county. Nance died at around 8:30 p.m. after shooting himself following a confrontation with law enforcement at a gas station in Natalia, a town about 30 miles southwest of San Antonio.

Joliet police Chief Williams Evans described the crime scene as the worst he had ever seen in his 29 years of service. The victims, who appeared to have died from gunshot wounds, were found in two different homes on West Acres Road. The front yards of the homes were cordoned off with caution tape, leaving neighbors like Nataly and Gustavo Contreras feeling unsettled and vulnerable.

Deputy Chief Dan Jungles of the Will County sheriff’s office revealed that the investigation into the shooting led them to seven other victims, one of whom was Bakare. Nance, who had a history of prior charges and open cases in Will County, was known to the victims, but authorities had not established a motive for the killings.

The tragic incident left the community in shock, prompting residents to take extra precautions and lock their doors. The sense of relief was palpable after Nance was found, with one resident sharing, “I could finally let my dog out in our yard.”

The details of the case are still emerging, and a news conference is scheduled at Joliet City Hall at 2 p.m. to provide further updates.