Thanksgiving Highway Tragedy: 21 Fatalities in Georgia, 4 Deaths in California, and 2 Injuries in Maryland

During the Thanksgiving holiday, tragic road traffic accidents occurred in several states. The incidents led to 21 fatalities in Georgia, four deaths and nine injuries in California, and two injuries in Maryland.

First responders worked tirelessly to manage the aftermath of these multiple incidents. Georgia officials are investigating the accidents that resulted in at least 21 fatalities and several injuries.

Thanksgiving Day saw a crash in Thomasville that resulted in the death of five individuals, with another fatality reported on Saturday. Two others were killed in Dublin on Thursday. Additionally, single fatalities were reported in several counties, according to the Georgia Department of Public Safety.

In California, the Highway Patrol reported a rollover crash on Thanksgiving Day in South Park, resulting in the deaths of four individuals and injuries to another person. Meanwhile, Sacramento Metro Fire reported two critically injured children and seven others sustaining injuries in a two-vehicle crash in Sacramento County on Thursday.

In Maryland, two individuals were hospitalized, and Thanksgiving travel was temporarily disrupted when four lanes were closed following a 10-car pileup on a highway on Thursday afternoon.

Earlier this month, it was forecasted that approximately 55.4 million people were expected to embark on road trips over the Thanksgiving break. So, these numbers may still go up as the holiday travel period runs until November 26.