Violent Assault: Man Jailed for 3+ Years in Domestic Violence Case

INVERCARGILL, New Zealand – A man with a history of domestic violence was sentenced to over three years in prison after brutally attacking his partner in an inebriated rage, a court revealed.

Daniel Ross Murch, 30, faced multiple charges, including injuring with intent to injure, threatening to kill, assaulting a female, taking a vehicle, wilful damage, and driving charges. The incident occurred on January 8, 2021, during an argument at a residence in Dacre.

Intoxicated and accusing his partner of infidelity, Murch became violent, throwing punches and assaulting her for an extended period. He even used a hammer to threaten and damage her car, leaving her too terrified to escape.

After two hours, the victim managed to flee and contact the police, while Murch continued his pursuit in her vehicle before being apprehended in Invercargill with a high level of breath-alcohol.

During sentencing, Judge Duncan Harvey emphasized the severe nature of the assault, deeming it as “extremely violent” and noting that serious injury had only been narrowly avoided due to chance.

Moreover, Murch was revealed to have been subject to a protection order in another domestic violence case and was assessed to be at a medium risk of reoffending. The judge condemned his pattern of violence in domestic relationships and imposed a three-year and one month imprisonment along with a protection order in favor of the victim.