Arrested: Tennessee Man Planned Sniper Attack at Texas-Mexico Border

HARLINGEN, Texas – The FBI recently arrested a Tennessee man on charges related to planning a violent attack at the Texas-Mexico border, according to court documents. The individual in question, Paul Faye Sr., was taken into custody for the possession of an unregistered firearm/silencer regulated by the National Firearms Act, according to federal records. The investigation reportedly began after an individual named Bryan Perry was charged in Missouri with various violent federal felonies. Perry was found to have extensive contact with Faye leading up to his arrest.

Furthermore, Faye expressed a desire to travel to the U.S. /Mexico border with Perry and another individual to commit acts of violence. The FBI then introduced an undercover agent to Faye on TikTok, where they exchanged messages and Faye provided his phone number for further communication. Additionally, three undercover agents met with Faye in person, during which he discussed his beliefs about the government and migrants entering the country, as well as his tactical training and possession of weapons.

Faye’s conversations with the undercover agent indicated that he was planning to join militia groups from various states and transport explosive devices to the border. Faye stated his role within the group was to serve as a sniper “sending rounds down range.” During one encounter, he showed the undercover agents his “war room” containing firearms, ammunition, radios, and a bulletproof vest. Furthermore, he sold a suppressor without manufacturer markings or a serial number to one of the undercover agents.

Subsequently, Faye’s arrest warrant was issued and he was taken into custody three days later. He made his initial appearance in federal court and has a detention hearing scheduled for a later date. The accused is likely to face serious charges related to his involvement in a potential violent attack at the border.