Frontline Workers Enduring Nearly 60 Daily Assaults in Scotland, 31 in Health Care Alone

Glasgow, Scotland – Frontline workers in Scotland are facing a troubling trend of assaults, with nearly 60 attacks being recorded every day. From police officers to healthcare workers, the violence is impacting a wide range of essential personnel.

According to 1919 Magazine, hospital and healthcare workers are bearing the brunt of the attacks, with an alarming 31 incidents recorded per day. The data also reveals that police officers experienced 18 assaults per day during the 2022/23 period, totaling 6,657 cases.

The impact of these assaults is evident, with more than a quarter of the incidents resulting in significant injuries to the officers. In response to the concerning trend, a new law aimed at curbing assaults on shopworkers has resulted in almost one conviction daily since its implementation.

The Scottish Government has reported over 500 convictions under the Protection of Workers Act, which was enacted in 2021. Furthermore, in the 11 months leading up to November 2023, there were 2,233 documented assaults – an average of seven per day.

These staggering numbers underscore the urgent need for measures to protect frontline workers from the escalating violence they face. The safety and well-being of those who dedicate themselves to serving and safeguarding their communities must be a top priority for lawmakers and law enforcement agencies.