Indian Student Syed Mazahir Ali Victim of Brutal Chicago Attack and Robbery

Chicago, Illinois – An Indian student pursuing a Master’s degree in the United States became the victim of a violent attack and robbery in the city of Chicago. Syed Mazahir Ali, who hails from Langar Houz in Hyderabad, was brutally assaulted by four armed assailants near his residence, leaving him with severe injuries and in a state of distress.

CCTV footage captured the assailants following Ali near his residence on Campbell Avenue in the early hours of Tuesday. In a separate video, Ali recounted the terrifying experience, describing how he was accosted by the assailants while returning home with food. Throughout the video, Ali can be seen visibly distressed and pleading for help.

In response to the incident, the Indian consulate in Chicago has been in contact with Ali’s wife, Syeda Ruquiya Fatima Razvi in India, offering all possible assistance. They have also coordinated with local authorities overseeing the investigation into the attack.

Ali’s wife, Ruqiya Fatima, expressed grave concern for her husband’s safety and reached out to India’s External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar, seeking legal assistance and the best medical treatment for her husband. She also requested arrangements to travel to the USA with their three minor children to be by Ali’s side during this difficult time.

This incident adds to a series of tragic attacks on Indian students in the United States, including the recent deaths of Shreyas Reddy Beniger in Ohio, Neel Acharya in Indiana, and Vivek Saini in Georgia. These events have raised concerns about the safety and security of international students studying in the United States.

As the investigation into the attack continues, the Indian community in the United States has expressed solidarity with Ali and his family, calling for swift action to ensure the safety of all students, both domestic and international. Authorities are working diligently to apprehend the perpetrators and prevent further acts of violence in the city.