Seattle Humane’s Former CEO Commits Murder-Suicide

NORTH BEND, Wash. – The former CEO of Seattle Humane, David Loewe, has been identified as the man responsible for a murder-suicide that took place in North Bend on January 31st, 2024. The incident involved the shooting and subsequent freezing of his wife, Judy Loewe, before he took his own life.

According to the Snoqualmie Police Department, maintenance workers discovered David Loewe’s body in their apartment’s garage during a welfare check as part of an eviction process. Shortly after, police found Judy Loewe’s body in a large freezer in the garage.

The King County Medical Examiner’s office concluded that Judy Loewe died from a single gunshot wound before being placed in the freezer, while David Loewe died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Both were 60 years old.

Seattle Humane, where David Loewe served as CEO from 2011, expressed its shock and sympathy for those affected, acknowledging the distressing nature of the events. The organization also stated that they are cooperating with the investigation and awaiting its results.

While the investigation suggests an isolated incident, authorities continue to piece together the events leading up to the murder-suicide. The community awaits further details and closure as the investigation unfolds.

The tragic circumstances surrounding the deaths of the former CEO and his wife have left many in shock and the organization continues to mourn their loss. As more information becomes available, the community and the organization are hopeful for answers that may bring some sense of understanding to this heartbreaking situation.