Hotel Explosion Cleanup and Construction Struggles Hurt Local Businesses in Fort Worth

FORT WORTH, Texas – Nearly a month after the explosion at the Sandman Hotel in Downtown Fort Worth, local business owners in the area are feeling the impact of ongoing cleanup and construction. The blast on January 8 resulted in extensive damage to the hotel and left 21 people injured, leading to a decrease in foot traffic for businesses in the vicinity.

Cowtown Segway Adventures, a business on West 8th Street, has relied on foot traffic for much of its revenue for over 8 years. Owner Tim Ballard expressed the significant impact foot traffic has on their business. The closure of a portion of West 8th Street, due to the presence of construction crews, has contributed to a substantial drop in customers.

The decrease in foot traffic has led to a 30 to 45 percent decline in business, prompting consideration of a lawsuit by the law firm O’Hanlon Demerath and Castillo, which is also located on West 8th. Attorney Alex Adewunmi mentioned that their firm, along with other small businesses in the area, is considering legal action due to the negative impact experienced since the explosion.

Ballard from Cowtown Segway Adventures expressed a willingness to join the potential lawsuit, emphasizing the need for accountability. Attorney Adewunmi mentioned that their firm is deliberating on naming Northland Properties and/or Atmos Energy in the lawsuit and plans to file it within the next week.

The ongoing struggle faced by these businesses highlights the long-lasting effects of the explosion and the importance of seeking compensation for the damage caused. The decision to pursue legal action underscores the determination of affected businesses to hold responsible parties accountable for the challenges they continue to endure.