Recalled: Onewheel Electric Skateboards Linked to 4 Deaths and Numerous Injuries

Portland, Oregon – Onewheel electric skateboards are being recalled after reports of four deaths and multiple serious injuries. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced the recall, urging consumers to stop using the skateboards immediately.

The recall affects about 12,000 Onewheel skateboards, which were sold between February 2019 and September 2019. The popular motorized boards are equipped with a single large wheel in the center, and riders control the board’s movements by leaning in different directions.

The four reported deaths occurred from fall-related injuries while riding the Onewheel skateboards. The company has also received numerous reports of serious injuries, including fractures and head injuries.

Onewheel is offering a refund or a free repair to affected consumers. The company recommends that riders wear protective gear, including helmets, while using the skateboards.

The safety commission is urging consumers to contact Onewheel for a refund or repair, as well as to report any incidents or injuries related to the product. The recall is a stark reminder of the importance of safety precautions when using motorized recreational devices.

The recall comes as electric skateboards and other motorized recreational vehicles have grown in popularity. The safety of these devices has come under scrutiny, highlighting the need for manufacturers to prioritize consumer safety and for consumers to take appropriate safety measures. The Onewheel recall serves as a reminder for all consumers to be aware of potential risks associated with motorized devices and to take necessary precautions to protect themselves from harm.