Explosions and Fire at Sikh Temple Ruled Out as Arson Cause by Sacramento County Investigators

Sacramento, California – Investigators in Sacramento County are currently investigating the cause of the recent explosions and fire near a Sikh temple, ruling out arson as a potential cause. The incident occurred at the Gurdwara Sacramento Sikh Society, located on Bradshaw Road, south of Gerber Road. Late January flames engulfed propane tanks, resulting in multiple explosions that spread to a nearby building and vehicles.

The Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District stated that the fire originated at the propane tanks, but the exact cause is still undetermined. A video released by the fire department depicted flames erupting from the side of the building, followed by smoke seeping out of the roof before an explosion occurred, causing a propane tank to be blown out of the building. Upon arrival, fire crews reported hearing loud explosions, with several tanks exploding, resulting in a blast radius of at least 50 feet.

Despite the destruction of the building where the explosions and fire occurred, the temple itself was left undamaged. Both the sheriff’s office and fire department confirmed that no injuries were reported as a result of the incident.

The probe into the cause of the explosions and fire near the Sikh temple continues, as authorities work to gather more information and evidence to determine what specifically triggered the incident. With the ruling out of arson, investigators are focusing on other potential factors that may have led to the propane tanks catching fire, causing the chain reaction of explosions and subsequent fire. The Sikh community in Sacramento is closely monitoring the investigation and remains hopeful for a swift resolution to this concerning event.

As the investigation progresses, members of the Gurdwara Sacramento Sikh Society have expressed their gratitude for the swift response of the fire department in containing the fire and preventing any damage to the temple itself. The community looks forward to a thorough investigation to ensure the safety and security of the area surrounding the temple.