Jury Trial Begins for Elliahs Dorsey, Accused of Killing IMPD Officer Breann Leath in Domestic Disturbance

Indianapolis, IN – This week, the jury trial for Elliahs Dorsey, the suspect charged with the fatal shooting of IMPD Officer Breann Leath, is set to commence. Dorsey faces charges of murder, attempted murder, criminal confinement, and battery resulting in bodily injury.

The prosecution previously sought the death penalty for Dorsey but dropped the request after a review of psychiatric evaluations concluded that it was constitutionally prohibited to seek the death penalty due to his mental illness.

On April 9, 2020, Leath responded to a domestic disturbance call when she was shot and killed by Dorsey. Another female victim was also found suffering from multiple gunshot wounds at the scene. Despite the efforts of fellow officers to rescue her, Leath succumbed to her injuries.

Dorsey’s defense team claims that he did not know he was shooting at law enforcement as the officers did not announce themselves. They are pursuing an insanity defense for Dorsey, but Leath’s mother expressed doubts about his mental state, distinguishing between mental illness and insanity.

Remembered as a dedicated officer, Leath had served with the Indiana National Guard and was passionate about addressing domestic violence. In honor of her legacy, the LEATH Initiative was launched by IMPD, targeting domestic violence offenders who use illegal firearms. The initiative also focuses on supporting the survivors of domestic violence by connecting them with community social services.